Sermons on “World-Changer”

Church Gone Wild – A Match Made In Heaven

If you knew you could change your world in 4 steps, would you do it? The world we live in needs us to be who God called us to be. Check out this message to hear how we can live like a wildfire that changes everything around us.

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Church Gone Wild – Do it For The People

You’ve got what it takes to win your world so don’t disqualify yourself. Listen and watch this message from Pastor Tavner for some simple and easy ways to win your world by being a Venue Church Watch Party “HOST”. You can sign up today at You’ve got what it takes!

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Church Gone Wild – Church Gone Wild

PSA: The Church has gone WILD. With everything going on in the world, the Church is supposed to be the answer. So what are we waiting on? It’s time for the Church to go WILD. We will not be boxed in. I Will Change My World. Limitations won’t stop me. Differences won’t divide us. This is the season for Church at Home to Win Your World. Check out this message to learn more!

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