Sermons on “Encouragement”

No Filter – My Process is Progress

Do you look at your life and feel like you should be farther along than you actually are? Do you feel like your setbacks are keeping you from the life you want to live? In this message, Pastor Tavner encourages us that even though we’re in a process right now, we can count it as progress.

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Don’t Forget to Remember – Robert Madu

Sometimes in life it’s easy to remember the things we should forget, and forget the things we really need to remember. In this message, guest speaker Pastor Robert Madu shares 4 things that we can’t forget to remember so that we can experience God’s miracles in our lives.

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No Filter – Tag, You’re It

If you’ve ever been stuck in a season and feel like God could never use someone in your circumstances, then you need to hear this word! In this message, Pastor Tavner is encouraging us to change our perspective from “God can’t use someone like me” to “God made me to be used”. The enemy wants us to disqualify ourselves by making us believe that what we are going through defines who we are. No matter what season we are in or battle we are fighting, God is ready to use us right where we are!

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