Sermons on “Community”

Church Gone Wild – Do it For The People

You’ve got what it takes to win your world so don’t disqualify yourself. Listen and watch this message from Pastor Tavner for some simple and easy ways to win your world by being a Venue Church Watch Party “HOST”. You can sign up today at You’ve got what it takes!

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Don’t Forget to Remember – Robert Madu

Sometimes in life it’s easy to remember the things we should forget, and forget the things we really need to remember. In this message, guest speaker Pastor Robert Madu shares 4 things that we can’t forget to remember so that we can experience God’s miracles in our lives.

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No Filter – No Perfect People Allowed

Sometimes we miss the point: PEOPLE. In Week 4 of “No Filter”, Pastor Tavner challenges us to live our life with others. In a year where isolation has looked like the norm, be encouraged to live your life in community with the people God has placed in your life. Watch this message, but warning: No Perfect People Allowed.

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