Sermons by “Pastor Tavner Smith”

Taking the Leap

When Moses went to Pharaoh during the plague of frogs, Pharaoh asked Moses to pray to remove the frogs “tomorrow”. Why wouldn’t he want them to be gone right then? We wonder about Pharaoh’s choices but we do the very same thing when it comes to life changing decisions in our own life. “I’ll do it tomorrow” is what we tell ourselves and our friends. In this message, Pastor Tavner Smith shares two very important reasons why we should Take the Leap TODAY to get connected to community.Take the Leap TODAY!

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Born To Give

Did you know God’s desire is to provide for people? His plan is to provide to people, through people like you and I! But in order for us to live a life of generosity, we have to first make sure we are in the position to be able to allow God to use us. In this message, Pastor Tavner Smith shares 4 things we can do to live the life of generosity we were born to live!

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The Right Fight

Did you know that there is something in you that can and will unlock the potential in other people? In order for that to happen, we have to make sure that our focus is on the right things. In this message, Pastor Tavner Smith shares 3 things we need to stop focusing on, and the right things to set our attention to in order to accomplish all God has for you!

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Get Your Edge Back

When you feel like you’ve lost your edge, sometimes you just have to go back to where you lost it. In this message, Pastor Tavner Smith shares 4 simple steps for going back to the basics and getting your edge back!

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Chasing Zero – Dirty Destinies

Do you ever feel like you have spent your whole life chasing the wrong thing? If you are struggling to know what your assignment is in this life, know you are not alone! In this message, Pastor Tavner Smith helps us understand clearly what our mission here on Earth is, and how to start doing it!

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Get Up – Dirty Destinies

Has someone ever paved the way for you to succeed? We are called to do that for other people, but fear often holds us back. Don’t let fear keep you paralyzed!

In this message, Pastor Tavner Smith encourages us that it’s time for us to unwrap the things that are holding us back so we can move forward with our destinies.
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