Sermons in “No Filter”

No Filter – My Truth is Not True

What if the truth you’ve built your life on is actually not true? In this message, Pastor Tavner talks to us about the danger of building our lives based on our personal truths versus God’s truth. If you want to learn more about how to use your feelings as indicators instead of dictators, then this message is for you. Check out this sermon to find out about the standards of Truth that you can measure your life against

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Change is My Choice

Do you talk about change, and dream about change, but never see anything change in your life? In this message, Pastor Tavner reminds us that if change is going to happen in our lives it has to be our choice. He encourages us that change is not bad, it’s necessary. Check it out now to learn about the 3 things we can do to make the “choice for change” in our lives.

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No Filter – It’s Ok to Not be Ok

“It’s Ok to Not Be Ok”. We have all experienced some crazy times this year and may be fearful of the future. Watch this message for some keys to move your life forward immediately. We are in this together. #VenueChurch

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