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Throughout the Full Life cycle you’ll encounter a variety of experiences that will help grow your relationship with God and the community he’s placed you in. We understand the importance of building relationships while you are developing as a believer and want to make it as easy as possible. That’s why during each Full Life session you will encounter smaller groups of people that are focused and committed in taking their next step.


All Venue Church campuses offer Small Group sessions which are divided into trimesters each calendar year. It’s simple: connect with a Small Group comprised of people who share your interests; whether with an outdoorsy group, a sermon study group, a coffee-fanatics group, a ministry team group, a young adult group, a couples or singles group, etc. There is a Small Group for everyone.

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We believe Baptism is a public and symbolic act of professing your choice to accept Jesus as your Savior. It is a celebration! Choosing to be baptized is an act of joyful obedience which represents moving from death to life through faith in Christ. At Venue Church, we practice full-immersion baptisms to model the biblical baptisms described in God’s Word and to symbolize Jesus’ death and resurrection for our salvation.